7 Morocco Travel Tips: Challenges of the Road

As rewarding as my month of travel through Morocco was, it also ended up being one of my most challenging trips yet.

Language barriers, overpaying, scams, and just general newbie mistakes definitely had me frustrated beyond belief at times. Many of these instances could have easily been avoided if I had just been better prepared, or at least had a handy-dandy list of Morocco travel tips (see where I’m going here?) Read More

Lost in Blue: Finding Chefchaouen

A bold streak of white, splashed with deep blue, all set high within the rocky gray Rif mountains.

If there is one thing that my travels through Morocco certainly haven’t been lacking, it’s vibrant color. Now, with stunning blue surfaces spread throughout ancient stone buildings, Chefchaouen is probably the most extreme example of this. Read More

Discovering the Dunes: My Sahara Desert Tour

“Beware – Do NOT go with this company for your Sahara Desert tour.

The night you spend in a tent in the desert (remember: no toilet!), they didn’t have enough camels for everyone. It was very dark (they didn’t light any fire) and the desert guides were not very friendly. I ended up having to share a tent with another single traveler that I didn’t know because they didn’t have enough for everyone. “

Holy shit… Now that’s what I call a convincing review. Read More

Munching Away on Marrakech Food

“I think someone just nicked my phone…!”

Ugh! Another day, another incident. This time though the unfortunate recipient wasn’t me, but instead one of the women on the Marrakech food tour I was with. Not wanting her cell phone to get in the way while she sampled new and exotic tasty treats, she had placed it inside one of her purse pockets. Apparently ineffective, as it had been lifted in one of the more crowded walkways without her even realizing it. Not exactly the way you want to start things off…

Read More

The Overwhelming Marrakech Markets

“No, no, no brother! You pay more now!”

Here I was again… Back in the middle of an uncomfortable confrontation with one of the local touts, arguing about some form of compensation for something I never asked for nor received. This was different than other similar experiences I’ve had in Morocco though, and it was more than the change in venue – from calm cool Safi to the crowded and crazy Marrakech markets. This time my newfound “friend” was holding a venomous snake, which he kept thrusting in my direction throughout this argument. Read More