Swinging Through Safi: Coastal Morocco

After a week in Tangier, I wasn’t quite ready yet for my next planned stop in Marrakech. The idea of going back-to-back with crowded cities just didn’t sit right with me. I still needed to head down in that direction though so, after a quick look at the Moroccan railway map and a bit of online research, I found what seemed like an interesting location for a quick pit stop: the small fishing town of Safi. Read More

Flash Forward Friday: Sahara Desert

If there was one excursion that I was really looking forward to during my time in Morocco, it was traveling out to the Sahara desert. I wasn’t even sure of exactly how I’d get there or what I’d do when I arrived. Just that I needed to experience it – see the dunes, touch the sand, and feel the desert heat. Read More

Flash Forward Friday: Marrakech

After only a few days, Marrakech has already left me breathless. To say that all of my senses have been activated would be an understatement. Overstimulated, or everything feeling like a giant blur would be more accurate.

This place keeps on moving, much in the same way it has for hundreds of years. Read More