The Bones Chapel: Faro’s Frightful Side

It wasn’t long after my arrival in Portugal that I stumbled upon one of the strangest sights I’ve ever witnessed: Faro’s Bones Chapel. Nestled behind the grand and impressive Igreja do Carmo monastery and built with the bones of Carmelite monks, this small chapel has greeted, and creeped out, visitors since its construction in 1816. Read More

Flash Forward Friday: Better Bali-eve it

Happy Friday all! With GlobeSlice still in its infancy, I want to mix things up a bit and allow for a break in normal chronological posting. Given the general craziness of travel and actually putting together regular content for you fine folks, I usually have a sizable backlog of posts in progress at any given time. This really just means that, by the time you read about a cool place or experience, I’m already onto some other adventure. This is kind of a bummer for me, because I’m always absolutely itching to share with everyone as soon as possible. Read More

Lost in Paradise: Loving Little Corn Island

We made it to Managua airport with a little over an hour before our La Costeña flight, which ended up being around an hour and a half late anyway (pretty standard from what we heard). The regional terminal, which is in another building next door to the main international terminal, was little more than a large room with uncomfortable seats, no AC and a small TV playing a few of the less popular events from the summer Olympics. Read More

Hello Nicaragua: Outbound for Ometepe

After around 7 hours of air travel, with a brief transfer in San Salvador, we landed in Managua feeling sleep deprived, hungry, and totally out of it. Not checking any bags immediately paid off though, as it allowed us to whiz right through customs and meet up with our prearranged Adelante Express driver. After a brief but choppy spanish/english confirmation, we were off San Jorge to catch a ferry across Lake Nicaragua! Read More