I’m Julian, a video game Project Manager turned travel planning junkie. Join me as I figure out the best ways to explore offbeat destinations; sharing my advice, adventures, and photography along the way.

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How-to Survive Traveling Myanmar by Land, Air & Sea

As you’ve probably picked up over the last few weeks, the time I spent traveling Myanmar was absolutely incredible.

There was one aspect that had me absolutely tearing my hair out though – long distance transportation. Or more specifically, trying to locate the information to even begin planning. In a country where bookings are often still filled out and logged by hand, finding up-to-date info isn’t always easy.

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Spending the Day on Myanmar’s Stunning Inle Lake

Looking at my travel schedule, there was absolutely no way to avoid it.

I’d already experienced the thrill ride that was the Myanmar train system, so a repeat trip was out of the question. The bus from Bagan was supposed to take 14 hours, with a transfer in Kalaw – essentially requiring 2 full transit days. This just meant that I only had a single option if I really wanted to check out the unique ecosystem within Inle Lake.

I’d have to take an airplane. Read More

The Breathtaking Castle In the Sky on Mount Popa

Shit, I’m totally lost…

I continued muttering expletives to myself as I wandered through the yard of yet another mountainside home. When my driver Aung had dropped me off at the roadside entrance to Mount Popa earlier, he had promised that there was no possible way I could get lost. So much for that.

To make things even more frustrating, I just needed to look out towards the horizon to see exactly where I wanted to get to. It was impossible to miss.
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Surprisingly Sweet Treats Found at a Myanmar Farm

“Try it. It is better than it looks…”

I stared down at the brown round globule sitting on top of a small mound of sesame seeds. Do I really have to eat this? Usually I’m pretty open when it comes to mysterious food items, but this just seemed so… nondescript – like the taste could go in a million different directions.  Of course, it didn’t help that the owner of this particular Myanmar farm was hovering right next to me, patiently awaiting my inevitable reaction with a sly smile.

Oh well. Better not to drag this one out. I tossed my head back while dumping the contents over my tongue, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Read More

Temples & Turnarounds: My Favorite Old Bagan Moments

“Whatever you do, when you get to the top of the staircase, do not turn left.”

Not exactly the kind of instruction I was expecting when we arrived at this deserted temple to see the sun set over Old Bagan. Also, not something I wanted to hear as I got ready to ascend a dark ancient staircase that looked to be right out of a movie set. Surely Aung was at least going to join me, just to ensure that I wouldn’t be heading up into the great and potentially dangerous unknown by myself… right?

“You go ahead. I will wait for you down in the car.” Read More