Flash Forward Friday: Bukit Lawang

Hey all! It’s once again Friday, which means that I get another opportunity to provide a sneak peek of my current adventures. This week I’m hanging around Bukit Lawang, a teensy river town deep within the jungles of Sumatra. There are supposedly some rare surprises swinging around in the trees here,  which sounded like a perfect reason to check this place out for myself. Read More

Flash Forward Friday: Mount Rinjani

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m coming to you from the island of Lombok – only a hop skip and a jump west of Bali. Now, while I wish that I could have explored all over this beautiful and chilled out area, there was really only a single reason for me being here: to climb Mount Rinjani. I’ve included a preview of the 1st day of this trek below, but look for the journey in its entirety in the coming weeks! Read More

Exploring Lagos Beyond the Beach

After having my fill of historical buildings in Faro, it was time for me to move along down the Algarve coast in search of some of these famous Southern Portuguese beaches. Outside of these though, and like much of Portugal for me, I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Lagos. Not that beaching it up the entire time would have been a bad thing, and lord knows I spent plenty of time doing this. But I was excited to see what else was going on here.

Read More