How to Easily Travel the Best Bulgarian Beach Towns

Bulgarian Beach Towns Sozopol

If you were to imagine a typical Bulgarian beach, would you think of powdery sand, warm tropical water, and day after day of golden sunshine?

I know I wouldn’t have – at least not before spending two weeks exploring the Black Sea coast. Over 80 miles of prime coastal beach culture, all mixed into seaside resort cities, ancient towns, and sleepy villages… In Bulgaria?! Believe it. Even better, traveling between the most popular areas is both extremely cheap and convenient once you know how to get around.

Figuring out the specifics of each route can initially be a pain, especially when you throw the cyrillic alphabet into the mix. That’s where this guide comes in! Even if you don’t follow my itinerary exactly, the information below will still help you to confidently navigate between the most popular Bulgarian beach towns.

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Why I’m So Excited About Traveling to Bulgaria

“Why are you traveling to Bulgaria? Where in the world is it? Are they known for…anything?”

These are the types of questions I hear whenever my next travel destination comes up. The truth is, I’m not 100% sure about any of these. Like many of the Balkan countries, Bulgaria represents a big question mark for most Westerners – myself included.

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25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Portugal

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Drinking in the Douro Valley

“Are you threatening me?!” a member of the large party joining our Douro Valley tour called out to the driver as she squeezed into the back of the narrow van.

“Not at all,” the driver calmly responded. “I’m just saying that if you feel like there isn’t enough room and you would rather not go, we would be happy to refund your money.” Read More

Climbing My Way Through Porto

After spending some relaxation time surrounded by tiles, canals, and overly sugary treats in Aveiro, I was back in a urban exploration mindset. Throughout my travels here, I had heard all about Porto’s good eats, steep hills, and of course port wine, so I was excited to check it all out for myself. Not a bad way to spend my last week in Portugal! Read More