Video of the Week: The Wild Primates of Sumatra

Greetings from behind the scenes here at GlobeSlice! I’m finally back home in California where I’ve been hammering away on the latest and greatest feature that I’m excited to share with all of you – WEEKLY TRAVEL VIDEOS.

Back when I first started mapping out this little exploration website, video was going to be a major component, with everything from quick destination postcards to longer form web shows. To prep for all this, I captured a TON of amazing footage that mostly just sat on a hard drive as other aspects of GlobeSlice took priority.

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How-to Survive the Frustration of Indonesian Flights

Getting around the various parts of Indonesia isn’t all that easy. In fact, if you’re interested in exploring more than a couple of the islands that make up one of the world’s largest archipelagos, it can be a real pain. For me, this was all linked to one common frustration: Indonesian flights.

Here are a few of the biggest frustrations I experienced during my first time flying throughout Indonesia, along with a bit of advice to help you avoid similar pitfalls!
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The Population of Hidden Jakarta

With my Indonesian trip coming to a close, I began to look towards my last stop – Jakarta. I really wasn’t sure what to make of this sprawling metropolis, but I had heard from multiple other travelers that it is best skipped. It was just too large; too polluted; too crowded. One big concrete jungle really with little to no redeemable qualities for your average visitor.

Still, I had a few days there before my flight departed. There just had to be some kind of hidden Jakarta that would scratch my wander-itch… right?

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Sick and Sweltering on Sabang Beach

After all the running around I had already experienced in Indonesia, a nice relaxing week on Sabang beach sounded just about right. Clear blue skies, clearer turquoise water, and pale white sand. Maybe even a fruity tropical drink to sip on while I focused on doing next to nothing. Yep, this all sounded pretty good.

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The Wild Bukit Lawang Orangutans

This portion of the trip was supposed to be great. I had it all planned out perfectly. After my volcanic slog, I’d stay the night at an inexpensive place in Kuta Lombok, then wake up early to start my trek towards seeing Bukit Lawang orangutans in the wild.

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