Travel Videos

Video: Celebrating Independence Day in Myanmar

Whew, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a new video hasn’t it? Like, almost 2 months!

If you ask me, that’s just WAY too long. The truth is, this last one was an absolute beast to edit down and find the exact story I wanted to tell. But, after weeks of rewrites, repeated voice recording sessions, and alternate cuts, I’m thrilled to finally be able to share the final product.

Celebrating Independence Day in Myanmar! Read More

Video: The Yangon Overnight Express

A little late getting this week’s video up and out to you all, but for good reason! As a follow-up to Wednesday’s post, I present to you Terror on the Yangon Overnight Express!

As much fun as this was to put together, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t experience just a bit of PTSD while going through the footage. All worth it for you fine folks of course… Read More

Video of the Week: The Wild Primates of Sumatra

Greetings from behind the scenes here at GlobeSlice! I’m finally back home in California where I’ve been hammering away on the latest and greatest feature that I’m excited to share with all of you – WEEKLY TRAVEL VIDEOS.

Back when I first started mapping out this little exploration website, video was going to be a major component, with everything from quick destination postcards to longer form web shows. To prep for all this, I captured a TON of amazing footage that mostly just sat on a hard drive as other aspects of GlobeSlice took priority.

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