Greetings from behind the scenes here at GlobeSlice! I’m finally back home in California where I’ve been hammering away on the latest and greatest feature that I’m excited to share with all of you – WEEKLY TRAVEL VIDEOS.

Back when I first started mapping out this little exploration website, video was going to be a major component, with everything from quick destination postcards to longer form web shows. To prep for all this, I captured a TON of amazing footage that mostly just sat on a hard drive as other aspects of GlobeSlice took priority.

Until now!

Starting today and continuing every Friday, a new video will be posted along with some brief behind the scenes info. Some of these will be quick poppy little snapshots like today’s, while others will be more narrative driven. Regardless, these are going to be a lot of fun and will provide  yet another way for all of you to follow along on my upcoming travels.

So make sure to check out the brand spanking new Travel Videos section for new adventures every Friday!

In this week’s video, I’m hanging with a group of wild primates on Sumatra island, where I spent some time on the lookout for Orangutans (the entire blog post can be found here).

Wild Primates Sumatra OrangutanAll of these wild primates were surprisingly not camera shy, and I was fortunate to observe quite a few orangutans and their young swinging around the treetops.

The macaque that you see throughout the video was especially fearless and had collected a small pile for fruit which he quickly devoured. Anytime someone from my group got close, he would let out this loud, guttural screech (the noise you hear over the GlobeSlice logo). Quite the little punk!

Well that’s all for this end of the work week update. Hope you enjoy The Wild Primates of Sumatra and come back next week for another fun GlobeSlice video!

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