Zigzagging Zanzibar: Memories of Stone Town

There was something about Stone Town that really drew me in from the moment I read about it. A cultural mishmash of crumbling buildings, all connected by a honeycomb of impossibly narrow alleyways. It sounded so enticing, so mysterious, so different than the cosmopolitan streets of San Francisco I had grown up around.

As soon as it was clear that we’d be traveling to Zanzibar, I knew I had to see it for myself. Read More

The Spicy Island: Visiting a Zanzibar Spice Farm

If you’re like me, the thought of traveling all the way to Africa and visiting a Zanzibar spice farm seems kind of… mundane. A big plot of land with a ton of different spices on it you say? Maybe next time.

The thing is, spices have historically been and still are an important aspect of existence to everyone living in Zanzibar. The economic and cultural significance of these runs deep. So much so that many people living throughout this area of the world refer to Zanzibar simply as “The Spice Island.” Read More

Unzipping Zanzibar: A Tale of Two Matemwe

Being surrounded by all that raw nature on our Serengeti safari adventure was amazing. But after multiple consecutive days, it had left both Tristen and I dusty, sunburnt, and ready for a return to some form of civilization.

In researching where we would go next, Zanzibar and its nice relaxing tropical vibe sounded like the perfect transition. Luckily its also conveniently located along the standard flight route that just about every small airline uses within the Serengeti. These two points were more than enough to convince us. So without much additional thought, we were off to what we hoped would be our paradise. Read More

Discovering an Eastern Serengeti Safari

After a memorable landing and an even more memorable Central Serengeti safari, Tristen and I both couldn’t wait for what was in store for us next.

This excitement wasn’t so apparent when our 6am alarm went off. We sleepily got dressed, gathered our belongings, and made our way up to the main dining tent for breakfast.

One aspect of the Namiri Plains camp that consistently surprised us during our stay was the quality and variety of food that they had on offer. Fresh tropical fruit and scrambled eggs for breakfast? Sure thing! Seared pork chops and sweet potatoes for dinner? You bet! Read More

Safari Surprises: Escaping to East Serengeti

“Alright everyone. Please hold on tight and prepare yourselves for landing.”

I looked out my window over the vast expanse of the Serengeti in search of some kind of runway, but could only see a single narrow patch of lumpy dirt ahead.

“We’re landing there?” I shouted to the pilot of the small twin-propeller plane, who looked to be no more than 25 years old. Making sure to keep his eyes focused directly ahead of us, he respond back with a stiff but authoritative thumbs up.

Read More